3rd Annual Together We Celebrate Nativity Display presents “Unto us a Child is Born”.

Nativities of all shapes, sizes and origins will be displayed December 7th and 8th at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

If you have a nativity you wish to display, please complete the registration form below.

Event planners will coordinate the nativities and ensure that every nativity is handled with care.
We enjoyed seeing hundreds of nativities last year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and we hope to see and display many more this year!

If you have any questions,
contact Terri Ogden.
Phone: 512-350-0550
Email: glasstee@gmail.com

Nativities will be collected for display no later than December 6th.

Nativity pickup will promptly follow Saturday's event at 9pm.

Click Link to register your nativity for display: